Multi Channel Retailing                             

With more ways than ever to find and compare products, most shoppers use a mix of on-line and off-line activities to buy. You need to be where your customers are! In order to compete and to grow your business you need to expand your horizons and sell through the major on-line stores.

You need to do it professionally and do it right first time. You can no longer afford to just sell through one or two channels, you need to manage orders, inventory and customers across multiple sales channels. Growing a multi-channel business can be tough, complex and time consuming but it need not be! Adding new channels can be pretty simple if done right.

Brightpearl helps you to keep everything organised by managing your inventory across all your channels and provides the financial accounting and reporting structure to grow your business. Whether you are aiming to be a truly specialist shop supplying everything needed for a specific sector or you want to operate multiple branded sales channels, with Brightpearl you can target specific customer types with relevant selected product groups.

Along with your retail shop, trade counter and telephone sales operations, your on-line sales could now include Amazon, eBay, Magento, ekmPowershop, Shopify and Bigcommerce.

Brightpearl doubles the benefit, making the shopping experience more convenient for your customers and enabling you and your suppliers to benefit from highly targeted merchandising.

Whether you are just starting up or you want to maximise your ‘shop-window’, talk to us. Brightpearl's inventory control software manages your multiple sales channels and balances your inventory, as well as managing your accounts and looking after your customers.  All this from one product! Get in touch for a chat or simply:

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