NVISION MOBILe - is sales made simple.

The preferred tool for Sales Reps around the world.



Increase your sales instantly with our unparalleled tool.

nVision Mobile gives you the power to quickly create an order without the messy order pad or spreadsheet.

Interaction with the customers has never been easier. You can sell directly from your catalogue, browse categories and products or simply scan a barcode.

nVision Mobile supports the apparel industry with support for styles, colours & sizes and pack sizes.

You can sell bulk, prepacks and select a delivery date and get the customer to sign.


Customer Management

Manage your customers, view order history, plan visits and even look up the location of the customer. Using Maps.

The customer management module contains all your customer information. View their general information, notes, and contact details. A brief overview of the account provides a summary of the financials for each customer. You can view the orders and visits history of each customer and locate the customer on a Google Map.


Customer visits

Your Sales reps can create appointments with customers directly into their calendars. The confirmation of the visit together with any useful notes or reminders are then logged by the Customer Visits facility within nVision Mobile

Customer Visits allow you to keep track of information regarding all your customers. Each visit is encoded with a timestamp, user (Sales Rep) information and a GPS location. Visits can be exported into your CRM or financial systems or you can display the location in Google Maps in the nSales Office system.


Product Management

Search and view products, browse photos (as above) or as a product list (as below) and access up-to-date information on all products. Product details can include item numbers, barcode, dimensions and notes. Items can be grouped by categories such as “New Season” or “Coffee Range” andaggregated sales figures automatically displayed in nSales Office. Thesecan be used to create ‘incentive groups’ such as “Top Sellers” or promotions.

Each product can have multiple price groups assigned and you can view recommended retail prices as well as the price to your customer. The price groups include price, currency, Unit of sale (e.g. box contains 6 items), min order qty. and VAT rate. Stock information includes stock, reserved stock, available stock and stock on order. Each product can have multiple images assigned and can be viewed in full screen.


Sales Order Management

The order module is highly intuitive and orders can be created, amended and deleted. For repeat orders any previous order can be copied and amended as required to speed entry time. Orders can be stored, awaiting review and new, sent and deleted orders can be viewed. Creating the order is easy. Just search in the product list, browse your gallery or use a barcode scanner. Once the order has been created, it can be automatically sent to the server for processing with just a single click. Order acknowledgements can be emailed and/or printed to an Air Print capable customer printer or via a portable printer.

  • Carry your entire collection on the iPad .pdf brochures and full colour images.

  • Sign the order on the spot

  • Sell directly from your catalogue

  • Scan barcode with a hand held scanner

  • Group products into categories, promotions or collections

  • Repeat orders with amendment options

  • Print handtags with barcodes

  • Direct deliveries from van

  • Customer specific prices for wholesalers

  • Print receipts from mobile printer

  • Present your products in full screen

  • Just click on the image to Zoom in on the image

  • Or for fast order entry you can just click on the + or – for each item which can be shown as a list (below) or as a grid for special applications.


Fashion and jewellery specific ordering

Where there is a requirement for quick order capture for a sector which has variables e.g. colours and sizes, your products can be viewed as a matrix and your rep can simply select any number of items for any specific style, colour, size combination



  • Style, colour and size management

  • Air Print or email Order Acknowledgements

  • Variable Unit of sale for multi-sales e.g 3 pack or Box of 5

  • Order bulk or pre-pracked boxes

  • Direct ship Delivery to customers


View product and stock information

The product module lets you access product information including stock levels, pricing, images and more.

nVision Mobile can be (optionally ) synchronized with many major ERP systems using XML documents. You can schedule automatic synchronisation for:

  • Customers

  • Products

  • Customer Visits

  • Order Collection