Vismagic offers a range of services to meet the needs of local, national and International organisations. Our primary activity is the deployment of some of the world's most advanced business management tools to deliver significant benefits to our clients. We don't just offer one solution and then try to force your business into it. We know our business and we get to know yours, so that we can recommend the best solution for YOU not us.

These include:

Business Software - We provide solutions from some of the world's leading vendors

System Selection - We can work with you to help identify your real requirements. Those which are critical to the achievement of your company's stated aims. Our workshop oriented methodology will embrace the whole business, identify pressure points, technology preferences, KPI's and the information and Business Intelligence needed to drive your vision.

Technology Platforms - Effective Cloud based solutions are now a reality. There is a steadily accelerating move towards cloud based solutions whereby companies are utilising cloud computing and mobility for almost any application, in particular time and expense recording, CRM and increasingly ERP.  We recognise this trend and can help you manage the transition to this new environment. See what the Industry Analysts say here.

However we are in a ‘multi-cloud’ world and the ability to exchange information across clouds is essential. We at Vismagic have recognized this early and already offer a range of world class products to meet ever evolving client requirements. 

All the latest industry standard technology and features are included within our solutions. Features include XML data exchange, MS SQL 2016 and  tight integration with  MS Office 365, MS Outlook and MS Power BI. Powerful reporting, dashboards and analysis tools are included as standard.

Our People, Our Technology and our Commitment

Our Consultants are highly experienced with system implementation experience across the whole of the business spectrum and across many software and technology platforms.

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Leading Edge Technology within our software products allows us to rapidly demonstrate just what can be achieved using the standard features within our solutions. As part of our implementation methodology we can optionally configure a ‘proof of concept’ presentation at a very reasonable cost. This confirms to the client that we understand their needs, builds confidence and demonstrates that our proposed solution is appropriate before the client commits to any software purchase.
Imagination .

We are totally driven by delivering what our customers need to be the best in their sector, so we look to deliver solutions which are different. Our agile technology and experience gives us a real edge over the competition. We can deliver solutions which embrace requirements from right across the customer’s business, all from a single system. This ensures that there are few integration problems and that the whole benefit of a company-wide solution is made available to the customer.

Future-Proof Design enables in-built flexibility within our solutions and means that as business changes, the system can easily be adapted leaving no dead-ends.

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